According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


So many people believe that health and fitness are the same things. Actually, It is often talked about in the same way but with a difference. We are here to tell you about the various diseases and injuries we have seen in our daily lives. Relief from disease or injury is just one aspect of life. Our entire health may be affected by our physical fitness but also by our mental health. Whether you are a personal trainer or a trained person, it helps to know the difference between health and wellness, to understand the various aspects of fitness, and the importance of improving health and mental health. When you are really healthy, you are in better shape and you can do more physically. 

Imagine getting paid for a loss that is incurred by some uncertain events, sound weirdly interesting? That is what Insurance is. Insurance refers to protection from monetary loss. It is a form of risk management. The same goes with Health too. Health insurance is a type of insurance that shelters the whole or a part
Introduction The current coronavirus Pandemic has lighted a certain sort of emotional numbness in everyone. People are going through physical, emotional and, mental turmoil. In these tough times, hope and faith are turning out to be sole lifesavers. With the public hoping that this huge suffering will come to an end soon, only prayers are
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Depression is like drowning but not being able to die. It’s like being afraid of your presence in a dark empty room. It is being blind and constantly reminded of how colorful the world is.   Introduction to Depression  Major depressive disorder, commonly known as depression is a mental and emotional illness. However, the fact that
It is no more a hidden secret that the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s lives. Be it youngsters, children, adults or, couples, no amount of mercy has been inflicted on anybody. Many relationships are being called off with people engaging in regular fights with their loved ones and frustrated by their monotonous routines
The previous year, 2020, saw the outbreak of a deadly virus, SARS‐CoV‐2, leading to the emergence of the Covid-19 disease. Ever since then, there has been no stoppage to the spread of this life-threatening virus. Though according to the WHO (World Health Organization), the coronavirus has accounted for a global pandemic. The actual truth goes

Sexual Problems In Men

Sexual problems occur in many men and are known as sexual dysfunction. Health, depression, stress, relationship problems, and other issues lead to these problems. Many men have some sort of difficulty during sex. It is also an important part of a couple’s foundation it contributes to the quality of life. Sexual disorder in men is
Telehealth, defined as where patients can consult a doctor through virtual meetings. Telehealth helps long-distance patients to contact, get advice, reminders, and remote admissions. Telehealth is cost-efficient as well as time-saving. It is most efficient for those who are living in remote areas. Telehealth makes health care more efficient, better coordinated, and make easier through
“Home is a place that carries a magic that it feels good to leave, better to come back, and best to stay.”  Let’s break it down. Home is where we live and create some of the best moments of our life. Quality time is all about creating memories and doing things that are beneficial and
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With times getting worse, the country is walking towards lockdown 2.0 and quarantine. The primary concern that surrounds people right now is two questions. When will this dark phase end? How long will we be stuck at home? However, is being stuck at home a real big problem? With the quarantine transition from 2020 to
When does one start fearing or hating their fat bodies? The answer to this cannot be an absolute statement. It is a collection of instances; where one feels their body is just not good enough for them. The society around them makes them feel so. This leads to the emergence of Fat Phobia. The word
Pregnancy is an interesting and exciting journey for pregnant women but sometimes it became uncomfortable for the expectant mother. The pregnancy causes a woman to feel hotter than normal, and that is the reason there should be perfect guidance for the expectant mother about her pregnancy during summers. In summers, pregnant women go through various
“Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses and not fancy lifestyle choices.”  Could food be possibly harmful to anyone? If you don’t eat properly, regularly, and timely, or if you eat anything anytime then yes, food could be harmful to you in ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined.   Eating disorders mean nothing but persistent eating habits
“Love your body!’’, they say, everywhere we turn, every corner, every side, every path, every media platform and, every poster. Huge banners of accepting your body despite flaws. Big stories of fat being the new beautiful. A considerable amount of appreciation for positive body images. But what to do on the days when you just
Telemedicine is increasingly adopted by health organizations to meet patient demand for convenient, accessible, and affordable services. Telemedicine is disrupting independent physicians by delivering clinical care through telecommunications and information technologies such as computers and smartphones. As you know that people will always need to see doctors with crucial needs of care. But, as generations
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Music has a strong and powerful effect on the mind. Different types of music can have a significant impact on a person’s mood easily. It can help them feel and process a wide variety of emotions, including happiness, enthusiasm, sorrow, calmness, and attentiveness. The use of music to address the psychological, physical, emotional, and social
Grains are present in the most of traditional diets we have in our daily life. However, several people are removing it from their diet. The reason for this is some do so because of allergies and intolerance. Whereas others going for the grain-free diet to lose weight or to improve their fitness. So, the grain-free

Benefits of Cycling

Whether it is to boost your health, fitness, or bank balance or to take care of an environment. Deciding about cycling will be the best decision you will ever make. We cannot count the whole benefits of cycling. As its benefits are as endless as the country streets you will be exploring. If you are

Pregnancy and Abortion

The good news that everyone waits for, the ultimate happiness for a woman and god’s best gift-getting pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the biggest and important events in life. Especially becoming a mother for the first time is a memorable experience. It is a long nine-month journey where you can totally embrace and prepare for

Sex and Relationship

According to many therapists and experts, sex plays an important role in creating a special bond between partners. It may bring them closer or even become a topic of stress. But that varies from person to person. While we know that sex may provide more happiness in a relationship, yet it is not compulsory. There