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Brag Social: Your rights to Brag Socially!

Welcome to Brag Social. Brag Social was formed to provide guest writers a medium to share their laughter, education, and original content with the public. While we focused on being a source of unique humor to our online audience, we also decided to sell some merchandise to use the profits to fuel various causes and charities as we see appropriate.

Why Brag Social ?

Well, it is simple and to the point. We live in a social bragging world 🙂 Would people remember BragSocial as name? We strongly believe so! Brag Social will change the way you pursue life, making it more comic and stress-free…! while we focus on what the society and environmental needs right now to organically grow with the funds raised through online visitors and merchandise.

Are we a non-profit…? “are you kidding us with that question???”

Is there any organization truly a non-profit? We are not a not for profit Organization, we are privately owned and managed by various moderators who just decide what kind of content should be on the website and how we can earn a profit from it. We do declare that our best interest is in the betterment of mankind.

What does BragSocial aim to achieve…?

“great question” and the answer is an easy one. To draw a minimum of 100 million annual traffic on our website. Our merchandise sale of more than a 100 million, a corporate office on the moon, (“hello Elon”) and yeah definitely a private spaceship to go back and forth the earth. (once again, “hello Elon, does the spaceship has a wi-fi connection?” read this once again in a brit accent and you would believe in it) Oh! you don’t look satisfied with that answer so here is what you may be looking for; a small business which BragSocial is our main focus and sharing the right content to people! Trying to make any environment with people either good or bad that can be turned into a hilarious situation. We believe, if people wear something comic, it will result into making a better world around for everyone.

What’s BragSocial’s policy?

we have a different page for our policy, don’t be a lazy a** and check it there.

Who are the people on BragSocial’s team?

Brag Social as an organization preaches diversity, while each member of the team strives their best to provide fuel to the company, the leadership of Mr. Shane Johnson and Mr. Sitanshu Srivastava adds to the performance built from the ground up.

Do you have any media partners?

Oh yes, we have. To begin with we have World Model Hunt, which is a great digital magazine for models and shares great content and articles for their online audience. We are gaining more and more partners though our media partnership program.

Where can people find your business?

We as an online company do not need a physical address, but we do have one. And it’s in the heart of people. “too cheesy…? Was meant to be” Look for the social media links on the top of the page and give us a follow.

Thank you for your time on reading about BragSocial. If you have some more time, do check out more content and the merchandise on the website.

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