According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


The pandemic caused by novel coronavirus has turned the world upside down. When everyone was confined to their homes to contain the spread of COVID-19 The pandemic caused by novel coronavirus has turned the world upside down. When everyone was confined to their homes to contain the spread of COVID-19, technology came up as a

Young Achievers

The world sees a myriad of achievements each day, and millions of people create history. As we track down what anyone has done, the age of the achiever is the least that matters in a world that moves upward and forward with each passing day. Young achievers and entrepreneurs have forged into the mainstream world


Creativity block basically means block to your creativity, barriers to inspiration which basically curbs someone’s feelings to aim high. It can last for a long period and can extend up to weeks, months, and even years. This affects human life a lot especially the one who aims at creative professions like writers, musicians, performers, artists.
“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: It takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquility.” -William Wordsworth. The very nature of poetry makes it nearly impossible to define or label it. If we go onto the technicalities, poetry may generally be defined as an imaginative experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language

Motivation Time

Let us start a new week with a new motivation and a new energy to do more. Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. To read more motivational quotes, click here
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“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” – Dodinsky Ever feel like you never get peace? You feel not giving best to family, friends, partner, or colleagues but yourself? Try not to stress; you aren’t the only one. Dealing with yourself can leave you regretful; you aren’t investing energy with your family or
‘8 hours work, 8 hours of leisure, 8 hours sleep’ is the most common catchphrase we hear from our grandparents. To live a healthier and happier life, there should be a balance among the sleep, diet, and other activities of sustenance. Before knowing the ways to decent slumber, one must know, why a sound slumber

IKIGAI – A Reason For Being

  “Ikigai is what gets you up every morning and keeps you going.” We as a whole want to carry on with a long and satisfying life, loaded up with reason, achievements, love, and association. But how? A mystery may lie in the lifestyle utilized by the longest-living individuals on Earth. Gain proficiency with the standards of

Zero-Waste Stores

A developing number of stores offer food without packaging or with a sustainable packaging with an end goal to decrease the cost of plastic on the earth. These stores are popularly called zero-waste stores. Package waste is an issue around the world. In the United States, packaging, a lot of it from food items, make
Traveling through various modes of public transport such as city buses, trams, metro trains, and many more give immense benefits to an individual as well as society. It assists in providing mobility in groups that further help privileged and non-privileged people. Here are the number of benefits one can get while traveling via public transit.

Disappear Your Stage-Fear

Some people start panicking, scrabbling, and trembling when they are asked to speak on stage. If you are one of them, do not worry as these are common reactions that happen to most of the people with stage fright due to anxiety. But one should recognize the worth to overcome the fear of stage in
An ancient practice to unite breath with body has become progressively widespread and essential in today’s hasty life. This is a multi-dimensional tactic used by children, youngsters, and aged people to resolve the entangled and chaotic life. While welcoming the modern style of life, people are tumbling the connection of their bodies and souls. Individuals
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The ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19 has covered the center stage all across the globe. Due to the constraints imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus, there was a complete shutdown of public transport.  Here are a few reasons for it: Crowded Places  Social distancing is the best way to stop the spreading of the

YOGA – A Way of Life

Originated in ancient India, Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It is more important than physical exercise and has both physical and mental benefits. The practice of yoga unites the human spirit with the Divine spirit. It provides a sense of peace and takes you to a world of liberation. It

3 Tips for Self-Development

Self-development improves the awareness, develops talents, enhances the quality of life, and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Here are three efficient tips for self-development which can enrich your day. PLAN YOUR DAY AND SET GOALS A goal without a plan is just a wish Planning is always beneficial to reach your goals.

The World Against Racism

Discrimination on various bases has been prevalent on the planet since the inception of mankind. It is rather disheartening to see that people have to fight for what they deserve. With changing times, people changed, and so did their ideologies. With new generations getting into the mainstream action, the struggles of our fellow friends have

A friend – Music

Friends are so inevitable in the life of a common man. Some best friends, some midnight buddies, some party accomplices, and the list of categories goes on. All of mankind has friends. And, the concept of friends is highly subjective too. A friend need not necessarily be a fellow human being, ain’t it? There is
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The Tourism Industry is entering a great crisis due to the worldwide panic of the Corona Virus whose duration and scope is still unknown, which is leading to the stock market crash that continued for more than a month to all the giants of the sector. The impact of the Covid-19 Corona Virus on world

The Tough City of New York

There is a lot to know about the most famous city of the United States, New York City. It is the most populous city in the United States with an estimated population of 84 lakhs in 2019. It is the largest and the most influential metropolis. Manhattan, which is among the world’s major commercial, financial,
The rise of Social Media among Teenagers  As the technology evolved and people became more and more tech-oriented, there was the inception of Social Media. Initially, social media was limited. As the amount of computer and desktop users were far less than what it is today.  But as time flew by and smartphones became a