According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


History of March 2

The history of March 2 throughout the centuries has been intriguing. With various innovations and discoveries, it led to a more efficient way of work. However, all of these changes were not just about inventions and discoveries. Some historical milestones happened in the area of education as well. Thus, here is a look at the

History of March 1

Each day is a new leaf in our life. While we steadily progress towards tomorrow, enjoying a slice of today, we should always address the privilege we are at today because of the past. There are countless achievements across the world, that open opportunities for us today. It is also because of that, we are

History of February 28

Each date has its unique history. These events can relate to some creative discoveries, selection of various people for some distinct posts, and so on. 28 February is also the date which holds broad history in it. So, in this article, we will share some important information about the history of 28 February with you.

How Has Mythology Helped Science?

Mythology refers to several legends, stories, or convictions, especially those which show a religious or cultural tradition. Myth stories often deal with or explain events or the origins of a person or culture. In many cases, the life of gods and goddesses is mythological. We know, that mythology has always helped science. Almost any civilization

History of February 27

History tells us the folklores of the Human race. Today at Brag Social we bring you the stories from the history of February 27. Additionally, It is a reminder of how far we came and what we have achieved in the process. So, let’s celebrate these achievements with Brag Social. 1693: First women’s magazine “Ladies’

History of February 26

History is an important part of all men’s lives. Present-day events are better understood based on the ones that occurred in the past. Thus, February 26 is one such date that highlights the significance of all the major events that happened around the world. From the proclamation of the Second French Republic to the demonstration

The Game Between Mythology Vs History

  Mythology and history are flip sides of the same coin, the past. According to the German historian Leopold von Ranke, “History tells us as it really happened.” It shares the objective truth supported by evidence from archives, epigraphs, archeology, monuments, etc. On the other hand, mythology stands at the other end of the spectrum

History of February 24

 February 24 has long and varied historical events. Today, Bragsocial again takes you the branch of knowledge dealing in past events on this day.  The events  includes the discovery of a pulsar, zircon crystal, Mariner 6, and other interesting events.  1839: Steam Shovel monopolized by William Otis, Philadelphia. Americans invent on February 24, 1839. William

Today – February 24

Have you ever wondered how many impossibilities you can make into possibilities? You wake up every day and start afresh. It is a clean slate on which you can write the sagas of your doings. We celebrate each day for what is worth it. Moreover, every single day is an opportunity for you to spend

Chinese Mythology

Mythology is the kind of myths that constitute a cultural history, some historical traditions, tales of a particular area. These are traditions that are transferred down to generations, for centuries. These mythologies can be in written/textual or oral form. The Chinese culture has rich and complicated mythology that is dated about four thousand years. China,

History of February 23

History, the discipline that studies the chronological record of events based on a period, region, or any specific domain. Let us rewind the cassette of this date to check out the milestones achieved on February 23 over these years. 1455 – Johannes Gutenberg prints Bible Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenbergwas was a German inventor,

The Magnificent Borobudur Temple

The majestic temple of the Borobudur is situated on the island of Java. It is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. This timeless beauty is the grand heritage of Indonesia and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Currently, Borobudur is an attraction for visitors, both local and foreign. Borobudur is a

Roman Mythology

Individuals regard Roman mythology to be among the greatest in the world. Thus, Rome is a major tourist destination. It is the land of history as well as mythology. The Romans had several Gods and Goddesses. There was Jupiter, the King of Gods. Juno, the wife of Jupiter and the Goddess of women and fertility.

History of February 22

It is said that “History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten.” The ideal example of rewritten history in the field of sports. Every day, a new history is made or rewritten in the sports world. February 22 is special for sports as countless events happened throughout history. From the demonstration

Mythology and Ecology

Mythology is a swarm of stories, legends, beliefs, and rituals that express the identity and roots of religion or culture. Nature or ecology is the collective word for all the physical, material, and environmental features of this universe. Ecology and mythology are two basic pillars of any person’s journey on this blue planet. Though not

History of February 21

.With 314 days to go, February 21 is the 51st day of the year. However It has a long and varied history, space libraries and instant cameras, gold medals, and the first yellow pages, it surely is a day of remembrance.   1828 1st American Indian newspaper in the US, “Cherokee Phoenix”, published On February 21,

Today: February 21

The month of February is full of celebrations. There are so many days for us to celebrate. Be it Valentine’s Day or World Radio Day. So, if you are someone who enjoys festivity, we are back with more days for you to celebrate. Today on February 21, we celebrate International Mother Language Day and World

Egyptian Mythology

Egypt is the land of unresolved mysteries. The ancient land of Egyptian mythologies witnessed the tales of several gods and goddesses. There was Osiris, God of the underworld. Horus, the sky god. Anubis, the God responsible for the dead and funerary practices. Among several others, there was the legendary Amun-Ra i.e. the chief of the

History of February 20

A chronological record of significant past events is HISTORY. Every day, Bragsocial makes you aware of the historical events that occurred on the specific date. Therefore, again we are here to take you on a journey to some interesting events that occurred on February 20 in the past. 1872: New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
The history of architecture goes back with the history of humanity itself. However, the exact date of the origin of architecture can be dated to Neolithic period, around 10000 BC. By then people began building houses rather than just living in a cave. Architecture possess so much more than just aesthetic appeal, it holds the