According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


Movements set a motion towards a common goal. Women are God’s beautiful and incredible creation. Also, women play a major role in shaping society. Furthermore, they are the pillars of global history. Over the centuries, women have led several movements that have contributed to building and changing society and also its stereotypes. Starting from the
It is no more a closeted secret that women’s education is as important as any man’s education. Shutting women indoors is no more a thing. They are born to avail every opportunity that lays in front of them, and not stop under any circumstance. However, reaching heights and availing all opportunities is only possible through
Stereotypes do exist. But we have to walk through them.   Stereotypes are false statements that are true in public opinion. It sounds stupid to believe in self-made customary norms. Well, that does not put an end to it. These stereotypes are passed on through generations. People have been believing in them for centuries.  And
Since times unknown, women face conditioning with regards to their gender. Be it the professional fields or personal fields, women have always had to face stereotypes. Gender roles and norms are something that cannot be avoided under any circumstances. Expectations from a woman to serve the family, take care of their partners, do household chores
In a fast-forward world, where sex is seen through the lens of taboo, what is the definition of sex work? Well, sex work is the provision of sexual services in exchange for money or goods. A sex worker is nothing but an object of scrutiny for the rest of the world. An element of laughter
‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ’, the age-old derivation that never fades or becomes old. However, with society’s times’ immemorial obsession with ‘perfect’ body types and ‘proper’ body images, the age-old phrase might not hold value anymore. Conditioned beauty standards around the world tend to shape people’s mindsets about themselves or others

Pregnancy and Abortion

The good news that everyone waits for, the ultimate happiness for a woman and god’s best gift-getting pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the biggest and important events in life. Especially becoming a mother for the first time is a memorable experience. It is a long nine-month journey where you can totally embrace and prepare for
We believe that all humankind shares the same source of origin- Adam and Eve. That is, we all are a product of the love of Adam and Eve. Abraham Maslow suggests sex as a basic need of every human in his hierarchy of needs theory. But how much do we know about it? Well, we
Gender is an important part of one’s identity in the world. We know the gender as someone’s masculinity or femininity. But in reality what is gender? We cannot define gender in just a line or a paragraph. Non-binary people do not fit into the “definition” of gender. Therefore they are a victim of discrimination. From

Women CEOs in 2021

Though women in the workplace certainly face a number of obstacles that men do not (discrimination and unequal pay, for starters), the tide is slowly turning. Women, as we all know, are active in every field today. They seem to establish a position in every field for themselves. Furthermore, the most important thing is: There
The COVID-19 crisis has turned the workplaces upside down. Under the circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis, many of the employees quit their job. However, many of them are totally in the “always-on” mode that the boundary between work and home has removed. Mainly for working women, the COVID crisis has molded them differently, most of
Human rights are basic rights and freedom that every person is entitled to. It includes social, economic, political, and civil rights. We have entered 2021 and you will be surprised to know that basic human rights are still violated in every part of the world. The girls and women of the world face the biggest
Whether we notice or not, we secretly always want a life like a celebrity. We compare ourselves to them and try to imitate their lifestyle. Every celebrity has a fan following. Whatever actions they do, affects their followers. We even look up to them and set the beauty standards for us. But are those practical
The COVID-19 crisis is one of the biggest disruptions of our times. From losing their jobs to having a greater care burden, Covid-19 affected women politically, economically, and psychologically. However, most of the women prominently work in the Frontline as caregivers, health care workers,s and also as political leaders. The objective of the current women’s

Celebrating Women’s Day Daily

In this contemporary world, women are present in every sphere of life. She may be an engineer, or a colleague, your doctor, or even your boss. They are an important part of everyone’s life. The most lovely and magnificent creation of God is a woman. Without whom, the universe cannot grow. Women’s Day observed on
Brag Social is a big supporter of women’s empowerment. And this article tries to put forth the idea that women have played an integral role since time immemorial. Everyone has mostly grown up listening to their parents recite mythological stories. Moreover, if you ever heard carefully, women played a major role in these fables. Bruce

Today – February 19

On February 19, do not forget to thank your caregiver, recall the strong female ex-members of the armed forces, and also promise to not indulge in the theft of words. The 50th day of the year has been celebrated as  National Caregivers Day, National Vet Girls Rise day, Prevent Plagiarism Day. National Caregivers Day While

Why Do We Need Feminism?

Since the inception of its philosophy, political and social movement, feminism has received several critiques. It first emerged in the nineteenth century. It attracted critical judgments that it is not a necessity, then. However, centuries later that perception has not changed much. A major section of society, believes that while feminism was relevant back during
Sarojini Naidu, also popular as ‘Bharat Kokila’, was an active participant in the Indian national movement for Independence. Her distinguished work as a poet earned her the title of “Nightingale of India”. Gandhi appreciated her sense of imagery, color, and choice of words in her writings and thus gave her the title. Her literary work

Women Freedom Fighters

History remembers only a handful of women freedom fighters — and by freedom, I also mean equal rights for all genders, caste and creed and not just political freedom. Many women do not make it to the pages of glory. Reflecting on the recent International Women’s day, we wonder – who are the lesser-known but