According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


About 65 million years ago, we had dinosaurs living on earth. We do not know how, but they disappeared from the surface of the planet. Some theories suggest a meteor killed them all, while others believed the cause to be drastic climate change. Fast forward to around 7 million years ago, humans appeared. Humans soon

Things you can do this weekend

With the same schedule day after day, it can become monotonous more often than you think. You can get bored when you are not doing something you are initially supposed to do. As a kid, you might have liked art or music but now you do not have time for it anymore. You are not
Water Intrusion in buildings is a problem which is due to leakage through water pipes, holes, and damages in the structure of the building. It is important to keep an eye on these types of problems by the owner of the building. Water intrusion destroys the structural integrity of the building. It causes major complications

Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources are resources that exist naturally rather than as a result of human intervention. A natural resource is any naturally occurring substance, such as animals, plants, water, light, soil, etc. Natural resources are essential for human survival, but not every natural resource is sustainable. Natural resources provide us with the food and water we

Environmental Remediation Services

The Environmental Remediation Services gives the necessary materials, labor, and types of equipment to meet environmental projects. Environmental remediation aims at removing the contaminants from the environment following years of pollution. It is instigated to protect people from the effects caused by exposure to contaminants and to minimize the spread of such contaminants to the

Emergency Drill For Tornadoes

Tornadoes can hit the ground instantly, leaving limited time to respond. Often, tornado warnings are issued 13 minutes before the storm hits average. Each year in the U.S., there are an estimated 1,000 recorded hurricanes that cause 1,500 injuries and 80 deaths. In the event of a storm, decisions should be made promptly. Injuries occur

Veganism – A Way of Life

In the past few years, there is a rise in the popularity of veganism. As the majority of people know, veganism is a form of a vegetarian diet. It eliminates all animal-derived ingredients, including meat, eggs, dairy products, and other related ingredients. But, this is only half of what veganism is all about.  The Vegan
Wildlife photography is a wide field that necessitates a love of both nature and art. Wildlife photography can arouse people’s interest in the natural world. It is a crucial tool for motivating people to care about biodiversity and effecting positive change.  Wildlife photography involves photographing in that fraction of a second when the light and
Stoicism was a Greek and Roman philosophy that flourished in history. It was one of the most profound and noble ideologies of Western civilization’s history. Stoicism is more than a collection of principles or ethical allegations; it is a way of life that entails regular practice and preparation and includes reasoning. Stoicism is often misunderstood
What do you understand by the term “rescue”? It is saving someone or something from a dangerous, uncomfortable, or unpleasant situation. Therefore, the term “animal rescue” means rescuing animals from these sorts of situations. Animal rescue is saving animals from cruelty and abuse. There are many NGOs all around the world working for animal rescue. 

Animal Cruelty and Rights

We must have seen people hunting animals, hurting stray dogs, and harming harmless animals. Also seen companies testing their products wrongfully on animals. And, animals being abused in zoos and amusement parks. Thus, whether there be any end to these merciless actions. Abuse means inflict someone with pain, harm, or violence. Therefore, Animal Cruelty is
Cold weather brings property owners a varied number of challenges. Ice, snow, and sleet can ruin the walkway, roof, siding, and even driveways. This usually means staying within, just walking outside to remove snow from the entrance quickly before returning home. The damages done by the snowstorm are not sometimes even visible. And people may
Climate Emergency threatens nature and life on earth. The proposition of climate emergency comes from the authentication that we are leading towards a climate tipping point that once crossed, will lead to a situation where the negative effects on the environment and climate become irreversible and uncontrollable. Climate Emergency may refer to human-caused climate change.
Great Thunberg’s thought-provoking words started a row on social media about climate change and the greenhouse effect. Something that we only took seriously to write an exam paper or fancy speeches. The emissions of greenhouse gases are rising and the ozone layer is depleting. It is high time that we recognize that we can not

Radioactive Wastes

Though nuclear energy is one of the significant sources of energy but have we ever thought about the cost we are paying for this energy? Every year nuclear plants produce tonnes of radioactive wastes. This waste causes major risks to our health and planet. The temperature of the Earth is rising, due to which, hazardous
Often individuals have questions about personality. After all, what is personality? Is it the way we think? Is it the way we act? Or does it comprise of our traits? However, according to the American Psychological Association, “Personality refers to the individual differences in the characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.” Yet, one of

Mythology and Ecology

Mythology is a swarm of stories, legends, beliefs, and rituals that express the identity and roots of religion or culture. Nature or ecology is the collective word for all the physical, material, and environmental features of this universe. Ecology and mythology are two basic pillars of any person’s journey on this blue planet. Though not

Significance Of Animals In Mythology

Mythology has always been an intriguing subject. There are so many stories and legends in mythology that force us to think about their existence. They are stories about gods, supernatural humans, magical plants, and many more. Moreover, you witness the reflection of mythologies in art, literature, and culture which further raise our curiosity. Today we
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When an earthquake hits a community, some damages occur. Although, damage may be to human life, environment, social well-being, economy, or living conditions. Staying prepared, and on alert is key. The first response is to contact the emergency response services in Tampa. But a well-prepared reconstruction strategy after damage assessment is crucial to reconstruct the
We are an extremely fortunate generation to have grown within the lush greens. Not only did our educators teach us about sustainability. But also educated us on how we can contribute. Since then, we have come a long way. Furthermore, we are trying to make this place a better world to live in. Now because