According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.

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All About Opera

Almost everyone has listened to some of the music forms in their life. Some of you have heard of folk music. While some of you have heard that noisy hip-hop and disco songs. However, do you know about the music form which involves story and people plays role in that? Yes, we are talking about
Do you have any favorite genres of music? You might like dancing to a snappy beat. Or rock and roll suits more on your style? Or maybe you would rather love to hear and dance to modern rap and hip-hop music. However, do you have any friends who love to enjoy folk songs? What image

History of Music

In today’s era where everyone is exhausted and irritated, music is playing an important role in our lifestyle. Undoubtedly, music had a great role in the lifecycle of humans even before we can speak. Some evidence shows that early-man made flutes from animal bones and stones as percussion. Voice was the first and the natural
Sexual harassment is characterized as any inappropriate sexually motivated verbal or physical behavior. People can feel threatened, humiliated, insulted, or intimidated as a result of it. Sexual harassment can occur at any time and in any place. Moreover, it has no gender. This kind of behavior is not restricted to any particular gender or type
Mental health is quite important to live a healthy and balanced life happily. Basically, mental and emotional health comprises psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Which clearly means that it affects how we feel, think and behave in our daily life. The mental wellness of an individual also contributes to their decision-making process. Also, how they
When the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) first appeared within the 1990s, people thought it had been a joke. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage your emotions in a positive way to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and resolve conflicts. It is known as EQ. Being able

Stereotypes Gen Z is Breaking

Things are not in the same way they used to be a few years ago. If we take a glimpse at the working style of a few decades back, then that was completely different from today. Before the era of digitalization who have the idea that working from home would ever be possible. Millennials have

Millennials Vs Gen Z

Today at brag social, we will have the event of a century: the generation throwdown. Where on one corner, there is the generation who gave us tight jeans, shirts, and a beard as a style. Yes!! The millennials. On the other corner, we have a group of Gen Zers. The very first generation of digital
For the last decade, millennial has been the word on the tongue of every marketer. This is the most studied generation of history, who have been prodded and dissected for the pursuit of dreams. However, this is not the case anymore, the hot seat is ready for Gen Z, which is currently moved into the
Educating your children about sexual intercourse during their teenage years is important. But, teaching them the safety measures taken during the time is more important. Not only teenagers but everyone men and women should know about safe sex. Once you become sexually active, you must learn all about birth control methods and emergency contraception. However,
There are no limitations of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). No matter you are single, married, or moreover returning to dating, STDs are caused due to the infections which transfer during sexual contact. However, these infections do not show any symptoms and become a disease when they show some symptoms in an individual. This is the

Teens and Sex Education

Has your child entered the adolescence phase? Do you want to tell them about sex education but confused about how to break the ice? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. During the adolescence phase, your child goes through so many changes. These changes make teens much curious to know about
Keeping your home and workplace neat and clean is a necessity. Cleaning does not only have professional benefits but also personal benefits. Clean space and environment, can keep you healthy and fresh throughout the day. However, cleaning your home and business manually can take much more time. So, in this article, we will talk about

IVF- In-vitro Fertilization

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is the most popular type of assisted reproductive technique (ART). IVF is a blessing for couples who have complications or are infertile. It works with the combinations of surgical methods and medications. The procedure includes sperm fertilizing an egg and implanting the fertilized egg in the uterus. Firstly medicines are given
Nihilism is a belief that nothing is known. Nothing can be communicated and all values are baseless. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is associated with this theory of philosophy. He argued that nihilism’s corrosive effects would eventually destroy all religious, and moral convictions. Also, it will bring in the greatest crisis in human history. Moreover, a
Buying a new home by not selling your current one can be hard. However, if you have equity in the home you are selling, a bridge loan can make it easy to buy a new house. The application process for this type of short-term fund can be faster than another type of loan. However, the
Personal injury is a prison term for damage to the body, thoughts, or emotions, rather than property damage. Personal injury practitioners rely on a field of law known as tort law. This includes slander and lawsuits for unhealthy religious breach of contract, as well as personal or legal wrongs or accidents. Tort law’s ultimate purpose
Gender is an important part of one’s identity in the world. We know the gender as someone’s masculinity or femininity. But in reality what is gender? We cannot define gender in just a line or a paragraph. Non-binary people do not fit into the “definition” of gender. Therefore they are a victim of discrimination. From
Stoicism was a Greek and Roman philosophy that flourished in history. It was one of the most profound and noble ideologies of Western civilization’s history. Stoicism is more than a collection of principles or ethical allegations; it is a way of life that entails regular practice and preparation and includes reasoning. Stoicism is often misunderstood
In the recent past, most of the countries, especially in the USA, were facing the challenges of a capitalist society. The debate of how a society should approach the economy and its uses has been on since civilization began. To get rid of this society and challenges, Karl Marx gave birth to an ideology known