According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.

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Intersectionality refers to both an analytical method and a group of related social practices that are built on one considerably basic observation, that everyone, every individual can experience discrimination in different ways. To understand and fight against forms of discrimination, we have to consider every potential factor that can contribute to the marginalization of individuals
What Is Accrued Interest? The amount of interest which earns on a debt, includes a bond, however now no longer but collected, is known as an accrued interest. An accrued interest can be in the interest revenue or interest expense. The period refers to the amount of bond interest that has been collected due to

What is the Iran Nuclear Deal?

The Iran nuclear agreement is officially referred to as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It is a landmark accord reached among Iran and numerous global powers, inclusive of the US, in July 2015. Under its terms, Iran agreed to dismantle a whole lot of its nuclear application and open its centers to extra
You have decided to buy a new house. So, you go to the bank to borrow money. The bank checks your credit score and approves your loan. But, the question is what is the credit score and why is it important? It is a way for banks to know if you will repay the loan
There was going through her periods but her last tampon in the pack was used. She was in desperate need of one. So, she asked her friends if they have a spare. Her friends looked at her shocked and said “No, Tampons should not be used. They can be unhygienic or can be stuck.” Not

A Guide to Database Security

What is database security? A database stores information. It is the people who put information into the database so that other people can access it. Sometimes people insert data into the database that is not appropriate for anyone to access. This becomes the root cause of the database security issues. The fact that not everyone
At the UN General Assembly, Joe Biden faces a dual challenge. That is, he must convince the planet that the U.S. is committed to multilateralism. While persuading the American public that the UN stands often as an important institution. On Tuesday, we spotted Joe Biden in his maiden address at the UNGA. He called on

Debt settlement v/s Bankruptcy

Debt settlement and bankruptcy both stand as the solutions to an identical problem. What are the foremost direct methods to push out of debt? However, they each accompany their advantages and drawbacks. Also, selecting the proper one is often tricky. If your debts are so massive that you simply can not imagine repaying them. It

World Rose Day

A rose is a symbol of tenderness, concern, and of course love. World Rose Day is celebrated worldwide on September 22 to show love and support to the people who are fighting cancer. What can be compared to give someone a ray of hope and appreciation for their bravery? Hence, people from all over the

Water Mitigation Issue – An Overview

Water mitigation is looking after water accumulation in or around your house to check for any potential damage. It includes identifying what problems water accumulation can cause and take necessary measures to avoid the same. Standing water can cause diseases, weakness in the roofs and ceilings, and cause the foundation of the house to go

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

In recent times we have been watching so many memes and news about bitcoin. Furthermore, many people are even investing in bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency. Well, cryptocurrency is not rocket science nor is it complex. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and you want to invest in it you do not need to think
Ever been curious about astrology? Maybe you understand what your zodiac signal is, however you are now no longer completely certain what it means. Studying astrology and studying horoscopes were in fashion for ages. However, human beings frequently misunderstand what astrology means. Astrology, withinside the maximum simple definition, that, is simply to take a look

Struggles of Aspiring K-Pop Artists

With its catchy beats, timed dances, and positive lyrics, mainstream K-pop has exploded beyond South Korean radio stations and reached an international audience. From PSY’s 2012 song “Gangnam Style,” which won the title of the first video with 1 billion views on YouTube, to BTS’s rise in breaking music records, Korean pop (K-Pop) music is

Types of Mortgages and their Benefits

As a potential home buyer, it is of utmost importance to research the types of mortgages in the neighborhoods you want to live. Applying for a home loan can be tricky, and determining which type of mortgage best suits your needs early on will help guide you to the type of home you can afford.

How to Identify Social Issues?

When we talk about social issues, we often fail to identify them. These issues are around us in our day-to-day lives. And identifying the social troubles around us totally depends on us. We need to be more alert. Also, keeping an eye on our surroundings is important as we can save someone’s life. Just stay
With July 4 around the corner, the preparations have started. The barbeque grills are out, the shops have adorned themselves with the pretty blues and reds. People are going out on the streets singing songs that best glorify this heroic day. Everybody has gotten their outfits coordinated with the face paint ready. This day is

The World of Virtual Conferences

In the COVID-19 catastrophe, we have entered a new world of virtual conferencing. With time, things got changed. However, this is not for people who are doing work from home. Schools and political system is running through virtual conferencing. It is no doubt that virtual conferences raise challenges for organizers, attendees, and speakers. We cannot
But, even in this twenty-first century, many countries still see the LGBTQ community through the lens of criminology. For them, it is a dishonor to their almighty. A shame to their nation and a disgrace to the whole human race. This goes beyond the definition of “problematic”. According to Equaldex, several gay activities are not
Going by the literal definition, gay-friendly or LGBTQ+ friendly refers to places that are open and welcoming to gay people. These places offer a warm and supportive environment where equality and justice exist for them. The LGBTQ+ community is now respected socially, legally, economically, and legally. LGBTQ+ has always been a controversial community. Innumerable protests
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