According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


In every workplace, soft skills are a must for a person. Soft skills are required for every kind of interaction that happens in a workplace or any other place. These are the skills every company in the world asks for in their employees. Therefore for students developing soft skills is a must. Most educational institutes,
Considered one of the oldest religions of the world, the origin of Hinduism dates back to more than four thousand years. Hindu philosophy is the longest surviving philosophy in India. Today, it has about over nine-thousand million followers. Therefore, making it the world’s third-largest religion after Christianity and Islam. However, the origin of Hinduism is
At every stage of life, knowledge is the only thing that benefits a person. Knowledge base saves your time spend on every phase of any question. But what does knowledge base mean? In simple words, a knowledge base is a systematic base of knowledge that one acquires in his or her life. It is a

Books to Read on Philosophy

We, as human beings tend to ask several questions. These questions need not necessarily be about our immediate practical problems. Questions in our minds go far beyond that. We’ve all experienced the countless “whys?”. The philosophy genre sets the tone to answer such “whys”. Fundamental truths about human life, nature, relationships, devotion, faith, world, the

Freedom of Expression

Can you ever think of a world where you are not free to speak? Or you are put behind bars because you criticized the government? Well, while we are living in a democratic country, the answer will always remain no. Our freedom of expression is the basic right of humans. It gives us a true
Technology has spread like water, it is everywhere and a necessity to survive. It has impacted almost every aspect of life, education is no deviation. Or is it? Somehow, education seems almost the same as it has been for many years. Anywise, education has changed through the use of technology. In medieval times, education was

Today – March 4

On the fourth day of the third month of the year, we observe National Grammar Day and World Obesity Day. March 4 is the day for all the grammar nazis. On this day, they can emphasize the correct usage of grammar in both verbal and written language. While we celebrate an important part of the
Often individuals have questions about personality. After all, what is personality? Is it the way we think? Is it the way we act? Or does it comprise of our traits? However, according to the American Psychological Association, “Personality refers to the individual differences in the characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.” Yet, one of
“Nelly, I am Heathcliff! He’s always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, anymore than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being”.  – Wuthering Heights The Wuthering Heights, the only novel published of Emily Brontë in 1847. The novel appears as a great combination of Gothic and Realistic fiction.

About Cyber Monday

What Is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday (also known as Blue Monday) is an e-commerce term referred to as the Monday following the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. As brick-and-mortar stores do with Black Friday, online retailers offer special promotions, sales, and discounts on this day. Meanwhile, traditional retailers offer exclusive, website-only deals. The result has been a

Today- November 23

Unraveling the natures secret code, The Fibonacci sequence proves that we all share the same basic structure. Even the date November 23, resemble the beginning of this sequence, that is, 1,1,2,3.  Also, we see November 23 as National Cashew Day. so let us read some amazing facts about cashew and get to know about the
Queen Elizabeth, became the queen of England, after the death of her half-sister Mary. She took to the throne of England on November 17. With this event, here are some more historical events that took place on this day over the years. 1558- Queen Elizabeth took to the throne of England Anne Boleyn gave birth
South America has a dynamic and exclusive mix of culture and tradition. Food, music, religion and architecture deflects the diversity of the nation. Therefore, making it a captivating part of the world to visit. Since, number of cultural and traditional events takes place all through the year. South America is home to many cultures and

The Beauty of North America

North America is a happening town that takes pride in the hustle and bustle happening alongside the skyscrapers. It covers about 16.5% of the land area of the Earth. This northern subcontinent of the Americans is known as that hurly-burly town that never sleeps. When you look out from the window of your highrise building,

History of Statue of Liberty

One of the famous tourist attraction and tallest landmark standing, Statue of Liberty, is situated on the Liberty Island in New York, USA. It symbolizes passion for freedom, peace and democracy. It is a icon of celebration. Marking the friendship of two countries, here is the origin and history of the Statue of Liberty.  

Leading Universities of USA

Parents all around the world want their children to attend the best university out there, and students also want the best that the world can offer to them. Well, the world is a humongous place, yet the top universities are mostly situated in one country; the USA. Now the obvious choice of top universities is
  Successful negotiations can help boost the bottom line of business regardless of their type of industry. Here are ten negotiation tips for small business owners that we hope will help you negotiate, based on our experience and practice. Know Your Objective Successful negotiators know before they begin negotiating to achieve They also know their
Does Your Business Qualify for Small Business loan in 2020? Operating a business is not an easy task – it takes a vision of success, the right team, and a continuous thirst for growth. However, all companies require funding to shape these dreams into reality. Knowing if you qualify for small business loan before you

How to Overcome Mental Illness?

 How to overcome Mental Illness? Nowadays, people have mental illnesses. When the heart is the structure involved in heart disease, the brain is involved in mental illness. To overcome mental illness one needs to seek help! Like many illnesses, there is effective evidence-based on affordable therapy treatments for mental illness. With the advent of online therapists, the treatment of
Why is Keyword Research important for SEO?   Mastering google searches is the best thing you can ever learn for SEO. SEO can be your worst nightmare if you do not understand how Google searches work. Google search may seem easy, but it is not. There are tons of ways you can search for detailed