According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


Visual events provided a boost for many businesses and individuals by 2020. The COVID-19 epidemic led to the closure of virtual events around the world. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 45% of future B2B events will be fully visible. Webinars make it easier for businesses to maximize profits from costs and time savings to
There are many businesses in the marketplace that trade uniquely online. In setting up an online business, the owner will need to go along the same course of action as a conventional business, in formulating a business plan. E-commerce eliminates the requirements for physical stores and allows businesses to extend their customer base On top
Every small business owner needs working capital. Having less than ideal working capital makes it very difficult to effectively run a business because the payment of day to day expenses depends on having liquid assets available when needed. Flexibility Capital understands this problem and does it all to help small business owners to acquire working
When you need a small business fund- either to pay for your next phase of growth or to keep your business in a tight spot during an unforeseen disaster – one thing to consider is whether you will be expected to bring security to the table. The mortgage acts as security for the lender in
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The pandemic has created a massive impact on industries, markets, and the daily lives of people. Many large-scale businesses, small-scale businesses, startups, self-employed, and newly self-employed have been hugely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. During these challenging times, the private sector, federal government institutions have tried to provide maximum and continuous help. This help is
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Let’s start by admitting that being a business owner is not easy. You not just have your eyes on your business but also have to manage it well. Along with managing your business, you also need to take care that your several other things. Keeping up with the trends and technology is very important being
Starting phase of entrepreneurship can be stressful and problematic. Sometimes, it feels like doing a thousand tasks at the same time. However, with proper planning, it is possible to manage all the actions, and it can fulfill all your purpose for your entrepreneurial venture. Therefore, it is important to use your energy in the right
COVID-19 has changed the way we operate. As we had to forcefully change somethings, but some represent the height of innovation in a crisis. The workforce and work itself saw some major changes. Moreover, the relationship between the employer and the employee and the business ecosystem also changed. However, most businesses faced the negative impact
Are you a small business looking for funds? Finding necessary funding for the various business operations can be very challenging. All businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, need adequate working capital and a positive cash flow to succeed. There are a lot of traditional loans that are available in the market. But issues like lack
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Custom loans are funds specially designed for the borrower. It is known by many names. It is also called unique home loans, which are uniquely designed by the mortgage lender. Also known as “tailor-made loans”, it is designed according to the capacities of the borrower. It does not fit into any specific fund category. A
It is not surprising to know that most people are afraid to begin their entrepreneur journeys due to financial issues. In such circumstances, individuals find it difficult to sustain their start-up because of a lack of capital. In the initial stages, there is instability and uncertainty. However, does not indicate that the idea is a
Small Businesses are relatively risky endeavors. Small business activities are risky for the entrepreneurs who invest their capital, risky for banks and other creditors that lend money to these business entities. Furthermore, it is risky for the households and businesses that provide labor and materials to these firms. For the majority of small businesses today,

Financial Jargons Everyone Must Know

 Do you wonder what are the meanings of the words you read or hear in business news? Do you get confused hearing the language of business your friends speak? Or you want to start a business or invest your money but do not know the basic financial words? Do not worry, you have come to
When starting a new business, financial help is a major aspect of the process. If you have a small business model you need capital funding. Well, in that case, you should consider all your loan options. With the advancing day and age of today, there are innumerable loan options in the market. Moreover, you need financing for
Debt consolidation vs. debt settlement   It is the central question for many people considering the best way to get out of the debt.   Both debt settlement and debt consolidation are generally used to manage debt that has become overwhelming. Each has different requirements and results, so compare them to which plan is best
  Successful negotiations can help boost the bottom line of business regardless of their type of industry. Here are ten negotiation tips for small business owners that we hope will help you negotiate, based on our experience and practice. Know Your Objective Successful negotiators know before they begin negotiating to achieve They also know their
Does Your Business Qualify for Small Business loan in 2020? Operating a business is not an easy task – it takes a vision of success, the right team, and a continuous thirst for growth. However, all companies require funding to shape these dreams into reality. Knowing if you qualify for small business loan before you
What do we understand by financial management?     Financial management organizes your economic activities and helps you to live a happy life. Managing your finances is the process of framing your monetary policies about procurement, investment, and administration of an enterprise. It takes time to manage your financial activities so that you can pay out
What is Debt Consolidation?   Having a credit card and some store accounts helps in buying luxury expenses, and one pays towards these every month. And one day, an unexpected expense strives, and one has not enough to cover the cost of the payment, and the loan may increase and suffer a financial strain. That
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