According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


Apparel purchasing was a once-in-a-while activity. Something we do a few times a year while the times change or we outgrow our current wardrobe. Everything changed, though, around 20 years ago. Clothes grew less expensive, style periods accelerated, and purchasing became a pastime. However, fast fashion and worldwide chains have taken over our city centers
As the season transitions from summer to winter, so should your wardrobe. Everyone is excited about the launch of the fall and winter collections. But, it is important to have wardrobe basics. Your fall wardrobe must reflect the season. Try using fall style, colors, and textures to create your style. Include versatile and trendy items
Gone are the days when fashion became particular to genders. Unisex Fashion is the fashion that consists of clothing in addition to accessories that may be used by each man and woman. Today many large and reputed fashion manufacturers have begun out producing genderless garments. Although it seems a bit uncommon to the eyes of
Navratri is a Hindu festival that is enthusiastically celebrated for nine nights.  In this festival, people worship various forms of goddess Durga. Indias celebrate  Chitra Navratri in different ways. In Bengal, you will see women wearing Garad saree and performing Dhunuchi dance. When you will come to western India, you will find women wearing Chaniya

Indian Saree: Variety and Elegance

The grace and elegance that an Indian woman holds in a saree are unmatchable. A saree is not just a piece of cloth but an important essence of Indian culture. Similarly, it showcases the vast diversity of Indian culture and tradition as a whole. However, we can trace the origins of Saree in 2800-1800 BC
When it comes to fashion, the creators always try to find something interesting and unique. The land of India has some of the finest artists and craftsmen. There is a designer behind every fashion industry who gives meaning to the quest of making fashion- a new form of art. Several brands made a name and
Fashion, an essential in every individual’s life. It plays an important role in our daily life. However, weaving, tufting, stitching, twining, etc takes a hell of a lot of time before the outfit reaches us. Moreover, talking about the past, the clothes included beadwork, quillwork, leatherwork, and textile arts. Likewise, history is on the path
Fashion is in the front line of communicating something big. Every person has the desire to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. It is not just about wearing fancy outfits and prancing around. A fashion statement can mean an ample amount of things. It is a statement of liberation, personality such as
As we all know that fashion is a form of self-expression and self-confidence in the context of clothing, footwear, accessories, etc, according to a particular place and time. Likewise, fashion designers are the odds-eluding trapeze artists of the fashion industry, globally. Whether these fashion designers put their emphasis on high style fashion or run off

Latest Trends in Sarees for 2021

Life is short but why should your pallu compromise? The Fashion industry always has space for innovation and recreating new things that people desire. Many things come and go, and some leave a mark. But the demand for new trends in sarees never stops. Sarees define the elegance of any Indian woman. It is a
Fashion nowadays has undergone numerous changes in recent years. Though the pandemic and people demand is the reason for the drastic transformation in the fashion industry. As we all know fashion never persists restful at a place. It changes frequently and adequately. Innovation and alterations are the aphorisms of fashion to enhance the lives of
Name it food or fashion, India is a land of diversities. Meanwhile, with a variety of cultures and fashion trends, India has its beauty. Additionally, Indian tradition is a combination of several cultures. For this very reason, fashion is different in every corner of India. From Assam to Gujarat and Tamil Nadu to Himachal Pradesh,
Teenagers are exceedingly conscious about how they appear and occasionally obsess over details that adults disregard as valuable. They are not dressing up in the same way that we do. The self-consciousness of some teenagers generates an atrocity of drawing an excessive amount of attention to themselves. As a result, they try to withstand the

Plus-size Fashion Trends

Fashion has become one of the most important aspects of every individual’s life in today’s world, right? Each human being has a sense of fashion and style that is owned by them. Let’s take a deeper look at what Plus-size fashion trends have to offer us. Whether you are oversized or not, it does not mean
Walking down along the road with dim lights and the faint sound of music from the street across. Chains from bomber shoes clanking with the metal plates on-road and guitar sounds from the backyard. Well, you guess it right, a street scenario. Streets get lively due to these artists who jam across tea stalls and

Popular Brands Among Gen Z

Some brands gain popularity while going viral on social media while some collaborated with celebrities and fashion influencers to make their products trending. However, there are only a few brands on which shoppers really want to spend their money. There is a vast range of options available that makes it increasingly difficult for brands to

Fashion DIY Looks of This Season

We all have a lot of outdated and neglected textiles in our homes that need to be thrown out. There are several examples of how a variety of seemingly insignificant things can be turned into wonderful creations. Let us talk about fashion for a moment. Following trends is fun, and we love buying trendy clothes,
Are you a small business looking for funds? Finding necessary funding for the various business operations can be very challenging. All businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, need adequate working capital and a positive cash flow to succeed. There are a lot of traditional loans that are available in the market. But issues like lack
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Most of the time, people decide to make specific modifications to their bodies. These body modifications can include some kind of decoration like tattoos, piercings, and hair coloring, etc. A person can decide on modifications for many reasons. However, people who don’t understand the reason behind it, declare it as an act of rebelliousness or

Emerging Fashion Trends in 2021

While in 2020, most of us spent time in our comfy Pajamas, occasionally dressing up for social media and zoom call meetings, that were not exactly ‘dressed up in formal’; giving rise to the waist-up fashion. So we all can agree on the fact that last year was a roller coaster right for fashion. With