Meet Our Team


The best form, of a person’s representation is in their colours and their art. And so we decided to look at wardrobes like our armour. And hence began the revolution.

BragSocial is based on the idea of flaunting Artwork that people can relate to on their everyday Clothing. We assure plagiarism-free, original and quality Content for our customers to choose from. Along with the artwork, we try to make sure the customers don’t face any issues with deliveries and payments which usually gives “Online Shopping” a bad name.

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Why do we only subscribe to music apps to listen to what we want. Or why do we only get to get a “regular’ for restaurant menus?

Never before tried with Merchandising, our Rocket-Scientists decided to mix the “Subscription packs” idea with Clothing. And What we got was a sweet way to deliver fresh off the stock Prints right to your doorsteps. Not only that, being a part of the revolution has it perks! Along with Monthly  T-Shirts, You  get a change to be featured on our social media, get daily updates on the progress and increase your chance to win Giveaways!

BragSocial is a unit of DIFM group.

DIFM is short for “Do it for me”. DIFM group is an organisation dedicated to serve the small business owners and individuals to grow professionally. Our team of experts help create platforms which are for a better tomorrow. Visit for more.